Home renovations property value 2021

DIY is not just a hobby but a lifestyle for many of us. Home renovations have grown rapidly over the last 12 months and more and more people are updating and investing in their homes, particularly so due to the current pandemic.

Home renovations are fun and exciting to do and also have big benefits. As well as having your own style imprinted on your home, home renovations add value to your home.

The top home renovations for DIYers or professionals

We’ve created a list of the top home renovation projects that can be completed either by DIYers or professionals that will increase the aesthetics and value of your home.

Street appeal

What your property looks like from the road is so important for first impressions.

It is the first thing people see – so ask yourself – what impression do you want to make?

According to research, street appeal has the biggest impact on property value and sales. If you have a limited budget there are a few easy things you can do to improve the exterior of your home as follows:

  • Clean gutters
  • Make sure your exterior is free of moss and mould with a good clean
  • Tidy up gardens and remove weeds
  • Clean and/or repair pathways and decks
  • Create a new garden
  • Paint the exterior

Check out our great range of environmentally friendly products that are perfect for cleaning and removing moss and mould on a wide range of surfaces.


Decking is a home renovation many of us have on our to-do lists. Even improving a deck you already have is a great update that doesn’t have to cost the earth and will improve the look and value of your home immensely.

waterproof deck

Waterproofing your current deck is an easy home renovation that is cheap and easy for anyone to do.

With Cohe Deck Coating you can get a range of colours to suit your home, and when applied, it achieves a smooth uniform colour. It doesn’t just improve the look of your decking but helps increase the lifespan of the decking timber, reduces warping and gives a pleasing aesthetic finish.

Giving your decking a thorough clean is also a quick and easy home improvement anyone can do to freshen up the exterior.

You can find out more about waterproofing your decking here.


Roofing is a very important part of your home’s exterior. Painting or waterproofing your roof doesn’t have to be hard. With the right tools, you can increase the value of your property and give it the wow factor for street-side appeal. 

Waterproofing your roof adds an extra layer of protection and extends the life of your roof. It also reflects heat and prevents leaking.

The same Cohe products can be used for waterproofing and sealing roofing, gutters, and decking as well as many other applications. It’s an all-around versatile product. 

If you have already waterproofed your roofing and gutters, then make sure your roof is kept moss and mould free – it really makes a huge difference!

Bathroom and kitchens

Updating your bathroom or kitchen can be as simple as restaining or painting surfaces and this is another popular home renovation that modernizes and rejuvenates your home. Whether you are remodeling the entire or room or just looking for easy ways to modernise your home, both of these renovations will add value to your property.

Some easy quick DIYS to freshen up these spaces can be:

  • Painting
  • Waterproofing
  • Swapping old handles for new
  • Restaining or painting cabinetry

Why choose Cohe products for your home renovations?

We specialise in versatile, environmentally friendly, and affordable products for everyone.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced DIYer or a professional or commercial company we have a range of high-quality products suitable for plenty of projects. Whether it is a pothole in your drive, a leaking gutter, cracked concrete, or anything in between, our full range of Cohe products for waterproofing, asphalt, and concrete repair have got you covered.

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