Liquid Rubber deck coating applied

Kiwis love their decks! Decks can add 30% extra value to your home so your deck is an asset that should be looked after – using Liquid Rubber Deck Coating is a simple and ways way you can do just that.

In the summertime, you will often find many kiwis enjoying a BBQ, entertaining friends, or just lounging around enjoying the sun on their decks. Even in winter, a deck has many uses! So, it’s important to look after it.

But how you keep your deck in great condition?

Keep your deck in good condition and protect it against the elements

Decking can be a key element in your home, they are a hub of activity and have a range of different functions!

However, decks like many other outdoor wooden items are at the mercy of New Zealand’s weather elements. They can be prone to weathering, mould, staining, and plenty more problems.

Decks that are left unmaintained can be costly. Replacing decking timber and cleaning mould and mildew to prevent slips and rotting can be very time-consuming.

The best part is there is an easy solution to help protect your deck that will help save you time and money!

Applying Liquid Rubber Deck Coating is a great solution to help maintain and prolong the life of your decking.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a deck to your home, but unsure about the regular maintenance it may need. Consider using a protectant like Liquid Rubber Deck Coating which will save you a considerable amount of money and time in maintenance of your deck.

What is Liquid Rubber Deck Coating?

Liquid Rubber Deck Coating is a protective product that can be used on a range of outdoor surfaces, like decking, patios, steps, walkways, pools and more.

It is a high-performance product that will help protect your outdoor surfaces and ensure they last a long time!

The Liquid Rubber Deck Coating comes in a trendy light grey but can also be tinted to other colours.

Benefits of applying Liquid Rubber Deck Coating

Not only is the product hard-wearing, highly durable but it also once cured protects against harsh UV rays – that eventually lead to the deterioration of outdoor surfaces.

  • It’s an easy to apply product that you can apply yourself or you can get a professional in to apply it for you
  • It’s a great way to give your decking a lift – it not only protects your deck but it looks good too
  • It will help prolong the life of your outdoor surfaces
  • Prevent mould and mildew
  • It will help prevent staining and discolouration of your surfaces
  • It is perfect for coastal decking as our Liquid Rubber Deck Coating product is salt and water-resistant.
  • UV resistant – will prevent discolouration from New Zealand’s harsh UV rays.
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Once applied you will save time spent cleaning or maintain your decking

How to get started

Liquid Rubber Deck Coating is easy to apply. We will run you through a quick guide to help get you started with your application.

We supply a large range of products in our online shop, with all the tools to get you started with your project. You can find our products at most Mitre 10 Megastores around New Zealand. It’s easy to apply the Liquid Rubber Deck Coating product with a roller or a brush, all of which you can buy on our website.

You can check out some application videos here too.


4L (8-10 m2 coverage) – 2 coats minimum

10L (10-20m2 coverage) – 2 coats minimum

20L (25-40m2 coverage) – 2 coats minimum

  • Prep your surfaces correctly. Make sure you give your decking or other outdoor surfaces a good clean and let dry at least 48 hours before you begin your application.
  • Apply a Waterproof Sealant and leave to dry for 24 hours (which we also stock on our online store)
  • Apply your Liquid Rubber Deck Coating – at least two coats, to ensure all your deck is well covered. Leave at least 6 hours between each coat to allow sufficient drying time of the product.
  • Sit back and enjoy your new deck!

Liquid Rubber Deck Coating is a great product to use on your deck, you can find a list of stockists around New Zealand here. Or, head straight to our online store to purchase everything you need to start applying the Liquid Rubber Deck Coating to your deck now!

If you have any questions about using Liquid Rubber Deck Coating or any of our other products you can get in touch with us here.