get rid of mould and moss

The winter season is on its way and is a prime time for mould and moss growth. Moss and mould don’t look great and they make areas slippery and damage exterior surfaces. We’ve created a list of 3 areas you should make a priority to get rid of mould and moss before winter.

What damage can mould and moss cause?

Mould, moss, lichen, and other fungal growths are prone to growing in damp areas. They can grow on a wide range of surfaces like timber, steel, pavers, concrete, fibreglass, weatherboard, and much more. However, they can cause damage to surfaces if left untreated.

While water blasting might remove the immediate view of mould – they spread through spores in the air and can come back. Just because you can’t see it on your surfaces doesn’t mean it’s not there. That’s why you need to apply a speciality treatment after cleaning or water blasting an area like our great product Cohe Moss & Mould Kill

Cohe Moss & Mould Kill

This speciality product creates a long-lasting barrier for up to 12 months of protection from moss and mould growth and is made especially for New Zealand conditions. With a foaming base, it allows applicators to see where they have applied the product to ensure complete surface coverage.

Make these three areas a priority to get rid of mould and moss

While it can be easy to initially clean a surface from mould, it is best to treat the area with a speciality product (Cohe Moss & Mould Kill). If you want to get rid of mould and moss then the correct treatment will help prevent the further growth of mould and moss. It will save you time and money – you won’t have to keep going back to clean the area by hand.

Driveways & pathways

Driveways and pathways around your home can be a field day for mould and moss growth. Because driveways and pathways are normally made from concrete material the growths can nestle into small pockets in the surface and become difficult to remove.

Mould and moss will spread over the surfaces which can discolour the area, make it slippery and just not look nice at all.

How to get rid of mould and moss on driveways and pathways

  1. First clean as much of the moss, mould, and other loos materials off the area as possible with a broom.
  2. Wash the area with a hose or water blaster.
  3. Wait for the area to dry before applying your treatment.
  4. Cohe’s Moss & Mould Kill is a great spray-on and leave treatment that continues to work for up to 12 months.


Decks are a hub of activity and a great benefit of a home. They provide an outdoor space for people to enjoy! Again, moss and mould can really wreak havoc on timber decking if left untreated. It will cause discolouration, rot, and a slippery surface.

How to remove moss and mould from decking

  1. While the area is dry, give it a good sweep with a broom to remove any loose material.
  2. Wash by hand or with a water blaster – but be careful not to use too much pressure as it will damage the wood.
  3. Leave the area to dry.
  4. The final step is to apply Cohe’s Moss & Mould Kill and leave to work for up to 12 months.

Exterior cladding

Exterior cladding comes in a wide range of materials – and unfortunately, it can all provide an area for mould and moss spores. Moss and mould growth can damage, discolour and very quickly make a house look tired and run down.

With a few simple steps, you can easily transform the outside of your home and make it moss and mould free!

How to get rid of mould on exterior cladding

  1. Waterblasting is likely the quickest and easiest way to clean the exterior cladding of your home. It will help remove as much mould and moss growth from the surface as possible.
  2. Once it is dry, apply Cohe Moss & Mould Kill with a spray gun or similar applicator.
  3. For best results apply in the morning to surfaces when it is dry, and when there is no rain due for 12 hours.

Cohe Moss & Mould Kill

Get rid of mould with Cohe Moss & Mould Kill

Cohe Moss & Mould Kill is a great product for New Zealand conditions. Its long-lasting, chlorine-free spray on and leave formula is ideal for banishing growths fast.

It is an easy to apply formula that is long-lasting and creates a preventative layer to discourage further growth of moss and mould on a huge range of surfaces.

About Cohe products

Cohe provides innovative and environmentally friendly solutions for New Zealanders. Our unique products service a wide variety of applications and can provide multiple benefits in a single application. They have proven to be successful time and time again due to their simple and safe application.

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