Easy diy concrete floor repair

It’s a fact of life – at some stage during its life concrete flooring will crack. Concrete floor repair doesn’t have to be hard! We’ve got some great tips and everything you need to know to help get you started.

A concrete floor is a great option for flooring inside or outside your home. It has a great modern feel and is versatile and long-lasting in most cases! 

However, you may have found the odd crack or chip in your concrete floor and understandably want to fix it. Concrete floor repair can be done quickly and cost-effectively with MG-KRETE. 

So where do you start?

Why causes a concrete floor to crack?

A concrete floor can crack for various reasons and it is actually quite common. So figuring out why your concrete has chipped or cracked will help you figure out the right steps for repairing it. Here are three of the most common reasons why your concrete floor may have cracked or chipped.

Tip # Check the amount of concrete you need for any job by using a concrete calculator and how much MG-KRETE you need here.


This is one of the most common reasons for cracks appearing in concrete. You can tell if the cracks in your concrete have been caused by shrinkage as they will be very fine. This is due to many factors including moisture level in the concrete and the speed in which it has cured. Shrinkage cracks will normally appear within the first 30 days after concrete has been laid.

Stress cracks 

Extreme temperatures will heat your concrete which can cause it to expand. When this happens, the concrete will press against anything near it – causing varying degrees of cracking.

Settling cracks

Settling cracks can be caused by the ground moving during curing time or the movement in the ground from the weight of the concrete. Even moisture levels can create settling cracks.


Another term for this type of damage is called spalling. This happens on the upper layer of the concrete and can lead to flaking or chipping of the concrete. This can happen from just general wear and tear, chemicals, or extreme temperatures. 

But don’t worry as these are all an easy DIY no stress fix.

MGKRETE concrete repair

Where to start with concrete flooring repair

Concrete floor repair can be done quickly, easily, and cost-effectively with MG-KRETE.

It will help you if you identify the type of cracks in your concrete floor and how much MG-KRETE product you will need to begin the repair.

We’ve got a four-step guide to applying MG-KRETE to get you started here.

Ensure you have all the correct tools and the right amount of product before you begin as this will help make the process quick and easy. 

Why use MG-KRETE for concrete floor repair?

MG-KRETE is a versatile product that can be used for an unlimited amount of concrete repairs.

It’s fast curing time makes it perfect to quickly get your concrete repairs sorted.

It has been formulated to extend the life of your concrete, easy to apply, and developed to last.


-ZERO shrinkage

-Quick drying times

– 45 min = 18MPa

– 24 hours = 35MPa

– 7 days = 40MPa

– 28 days = 77MPa

-Easy to apply and use

Read more about MG-KRETE’s specifications here

It really is simple to apply MG-KRETE, and it’s easy for anyone to do – even if your DIY skills aren’t perfect. MG-KRETE is your total all-rounder and perfect concrete filler– super fast dry time, non-toxic and suitable for an extensive range of jobs. MG-KRETE can be used for a wide range of concrete repairs such as driveways, concrete pads, garden pathways, footpaths, steps and stairs, and so much more.

We have a range of information available on our website, to help with your concrete repairs and fixes. If you have any further questions about the uses for MG-KRETE we’d be more than happy to help. To purchase MG-KRETE or find out more about this great product, get in touch with us today.

Cohe Group specialises in a range of great DIY products that are easy to use and cost-effective. All of our products in the range are innovative, high quality and proven to last.

If you have any questions about how MG-KRETE can help you with your concrete flooring repair then get in touch.