How to waterproof your flat torch down roof the easy way!

Making sure that your flat torch down roof is waterproof is essential, especially as the wet and cold months approach.

Flat torch down roofs can be susceptible to several issues such as pooling water and leaks caused by extreme weather conditions. Damage caused by a leaky roof can be expensive and extremely hazardous. Therefore, making it fully waterproof is in your best interest.

The good news is that homeowners don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars for professional repairs and can easily DIY! With advancements made in roofing technology, there are several ways to waterproof your flat torch down roof that are all cost-effective.

Below, we’ll tell you our safe solution and how to waterproof your flat torch down roof the easy way!

How to find a leak on your flat torch down roof 

Torch down roofing is one of the most common types of roofing for flat and slightly sloped roofs. Torch down roofing consists of multiple modified bitumen membranes, and it’s applied with an open flame propane torch.

Locating a flat torch down roof leak or damage can take a bit of patience but knowing what to look for will help.

With anything that involves heights, it’s vital that safety comes first. If you’re still unsure about anything – you don’t have the correct equipment or you don’t feel confident, then call in a professional.

If you do decide to do the job yourself it’s always best practice to remove any debris and clutter to ensure a satisfactory surface.

What to look for:

  • where tree branches may have gouged or torn the roofing material
  • any obvious holes or cracks
  • cracking or splitting of paint
  • pooling water
  • blistering
  • alligatoring
  • examine the collars around plumbing vents
  • examine the internal gutters for blockages

If you still can’t locate the leak run water from a garden hose along any potential trouble spots, wait inside for several minutes for the water to begin to drip. Alternatively, you can wet down the roof one section at a time.

waterproof torch down roof

How to waterproof your flat torch down roof

There is one way to waterproof your flat torch down roof in one quick, easy, and affordable move. Introducing… Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant!

Liquid Rubber is a multi-purpose, liquid coating that solidifies into a tough, waterproof membrane, and can be used for waterproofing, as an air barrier, and as protection against corrosion.

This remarkable product will stick to most surfaces, including concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, wood, PVC, metals, and zinc – and in almost any shape!

The elastic nature of the coating means it can simply be painted onto any surface that isn’t oil-based, with the seamlessness covering getting into those hard-to-reach places that traditional waterproofing solutions can’t.

Liquid Rubber is safe to use, easy to apply and lasts for at least a decade before having to be reapplied with the added benefit of protecting against corrosion.

Waterproof sealants are very flexible substances that have a variety of uses. They’re great for less experienced DIYers who need a quick solution to waterproof their flat torch roof.

Application guideline

  • Ensure a clean, dry surface using Cohe Quick Clean.
  • Bridge joints, seams, vents, and skylights with Liquid Rubber Seam Tape.
  • Apply Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant using a brush or roller all in our Application Kit.


  • Apply a minimum final thickness of 1 litre per 1 square meter; it should be around 2-3 heavy coats
  • A 20-litre pail will coat 40 square meters
  • For larger areas, you can pour out and roll around
  • Apply the next coat after 12 hours. Tacky is okay
  • Apply Liquid Rubber Smooth Coating 72 hours after applying Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant
  • Leave to dry between 12 hours before applying a second coat


  • Use a minimum final thickness of 1 litre per 3 square meters it should be around 2-3 coats
  • A 10-litre bucket will coat roofs up to 30 square meters

Download the full application instructions and product list here.

waterproof torch down roof the easy way!

Waterproof your flat torch down roof with Cohe

If you want to waterproof your flat torch down roof there’s no easier way than Liquid Rubber.

It can be used inside or out, dries in 24 hours, and all you need is a paintbrush to get to work.

Our Liquid Rubber is just one of the amazing waterproofing products we have here at Cohe with a variety of uses. They’re great for less experienced DIYers who need a quick solution to waterproof their flat torch roof.

Whether it’s a small DIY job on your roof, decking or a large-scale renovation on your business, we have the products to make life easier, safer and cheaper.

Now is the perfect time to waterproof your DIY projects before the wet weather kicks in. Getting it done now will give you confidence that your newly waterproofed roof will be able to resist any water damage or leaks winter tries to throw at it.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our waterproofing solutions and one of our expert team members will be happy to help.