Waterproof your flat roof

Out of sight, out of mind! Unfortunately, that’s also true when it comes to rooftops.

Often forgotten about, a building’s roof is the first line of defence against the elements, so it’s essential you maintain it.

If your home or business has a flat roof, you need to inspect it regularly, and spring is the perfect time to do it.

Why it’s important to waterproof your flat roof

The biggest danger when it comes to flat roofs is water damage.

Standing water can lead to disaster, resulting in partial or even complete roof collapse.

Unlike sloped roofs which allow water to easily run off, flat roofs have a very shallow (if any) slope, meaning that even the slightest obstruction can create a pool of water.

Internal drains are also a prime target for blockages, allowing rainwater to build up and wreak havoc. Having a clear path for water to flow to, from your roof and into a drain, is essential if you want to avoid a leak or something worse.

How to find the source of a leak

If it’s a case of putting a bucket down in the same spot every time it rains then you’ll have a good idea where the leak is. The problem is, once you’re up on the roof, things can look very different.

To find a leak, start on the inside first. Measure the distance from the leak to the nearest outer wall, and then, once up on the roof, measure that same distance again. The more measurements you take from different positions, the more accurate you’ll be in finding the leak.

Before even thinking about going up onto the roof, plan ahead. Safety is key, so if you’re unsure about anything or don’t feel confident, then call a professional.

If you do venture up, wait until after it has rained so you can see where the water is pooling. Again, be careful as this is when the roof will be most slippery.

Always check the internal gutters. Many times it isn’t a leak that’s causing the issue, but rather a blockage. There are special items and equipment you can buy to stop gutters from clogging up, so if your building is under or near a lot of foliage, it may be a good idea to invest in those.

leaking flat roof

What to do when you suspect a leak

After checking the internal gutters, it’s time to look at the roof itself.

Even if there are no ponds forming, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s waterproof. Check for blistering on the surface, cracking or splitting of paint.

Keep an eye out for “alligatoring” which is where the surface cracks and forms a pattern like the skin of an alligator. This is usually caused by a combination of sun exposure and excess water, and if left untreated, can lead to severe damage.

Liquid Rubber to the rescue!

There is one way to solve all these issues in one quick, easy and affordable move; liquid rubber.

Liquid Rubber is a multi-purpose, liquid coating that solidifies into a tough, waterproof membrane, and can be used for waterproofing, as an air barrier, and protection against corrosion.

This remarkable product will stick to most surfaces, including concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, wood, PVC, metals, and zinc – and in almost any shape!

The elastic nature of the coating means it can simply be painted onto any surface that isn’t oil-based, with the seamlessness covering getting into those hard-to-reach places that traditional waterproofing solutions can’t.

Liquid Rubber is safe to use, easy to administer, and lasts for at least a decade before having to be reapplied.

Water pooling on flat roof

Call us to waterproof your flat roof

If you want to waterproof your flat roof and internal gutters, there’s no easier way than Liquid Rubber.

It can be used inside or out, dries in 24 hours, and all you need is a paintbrush to get to work.

Our Liquid Rubber is just one of the amazing waterproofing products we have here at Cohe.

Whether it’s a small DIY job on your decking or a large-scale renovation on your business, we have the products to make life easier, safer and cheaper.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about our waterproofing solutions. Our friendly and expert staff will be happy to answer any questions you might have.