Pothole repairing

Permanent Asphalt Repair, or PAR for short, is the latest and easiest way to fix potholes.

The solution results in permanently repaired asphalt in all weather conditions, lasting longer than traditional pavement fixes, and supports traffic immediately after installation.

And with potholes being a constant and very expensive problem, this new solution is sure to be on the radar of many local councils.

What is PAR used for?

PAR does exactly what it says it does!

It permanently repairs asphalt, filling holes immediately with minimum preparation or treatment.

This allows roads to be repaired and reopened quickly, resulting in minimal downtime and reducing labour costs.

It is specifically designed and engineered to work in all weather conditions, rain, hail, or shine, with no primers needed.

Not only can it be used by traffic immediately, but PAR lasts longer than the surrounding pavement.

Not only is it used for pothole repair, but it can even be used as a quick fix to repair damage in concrete, ramps and trip hazards!

Pothole repairing

How do I apply PAR?

The genius of PAR is that it comes in its easy application.

Three simple steps are all you need for pothole repair to be on the mend within minutes!

Step 1

First clean out the pothole, sweeping away all loose chunks or debris using a stiff broom or blower to achieve a sound surface for the PAR to bond with.

Step 2

Simply pour the substance into the hole. By placing the PAR in layers of 3 inches (75mm) at a time, and then tamping down until the area is firm, you are doing everything you need to do. There’s no need for primers or waiting for hot mix trucks, you simply open the bag and pour it into the hole!

Step 3

This is the easiest; compact the PAR with a tamper, roller or even by driving over it until the desired level is obtained. The process can even be speeded up by using sand or cement on top to remove the stickiness.

How much PAR do I need?

PAR is used for a broad range of applications, including roads, highways, driveways, car parks and bridges, so how much you need obviously depends on what you’re doing.

It comes in handy 22kg bags, which covers roughly half a square metre at a depth of 25mm.

This is approximately one large-sized pothole, so if you’re looking to fix a smaller hole in your driveway for example, then a smaller amount will do.

The great thing about PAR is you can store it for up to a year, so it is possible to use a little at a time for home improvement.

Permanent Asphalt Repair PAR

Pothole repair made simple

Permanent Asphalt Repair allows you to fill and fix holes in roads and driveways forever.

This one-stop solution is uniquely designed for you to achieve optimum performance all year long in any weather conditions.

Backed by our strict quality control testing at independent laboratories, this remarkable product is quick and easy to use, saving you money in manhours, labour, and time.

Used in wet and dry conditions and proven to outlast the surrounding pavement, PAV requires no mixing, is ready to use straight out of the bag, and can even be kept for up to a year once opened.

We are suppliers of innovative construction products like PAR, that allow for quick, efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective repairs.

Our products are for both DIY and commercial applications, so whether you’re filling in a small hole in the drive or repairing a large carpark, we’ve got everything you need right here.

PAR can be bought in single bags or in bulk for those bigger projects.

If you would like to know more about Permanent Asphalt Repair, then contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.