Man levelling permanent asphalt on road building

When it comes to maintaining and repairing asphalt surfaces, finding the best permanent asphalt repair solution that is durable, long-lasting, and easy to install is crucial.

If you are tired of dealing with unsightly, hazardous and recurring potholes or damage on your driveway, let us introduce you to one of our best-performing DIY products – PAR.

With its durability and instant repair capabilities, PAR is revolutionising how we fix potholes.

If you have noticed any cracks or potholes in your driveway, don’t turn a blind eye, as it’s essential to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent more damage further down the line. If the damage worsens, it will be more difficult and costly to repair in the long term.

To avoid costlier repairs in the future, learn about what makes PAR the ultimate choice for all your DIY and commercial asphalt repair needs.

Why PAR is your number one permanent asphalt repair solution

With PAR, you can be confident in getting the job done. It’s specifically designed and engineered to repair potholes temporarily and permanently. Unlike traditional repair methods, PAR eliminates the need for primers and can be installed in all weather conditions, ensuring minimal disruption to your road or driveway surfaces.

From highways to driveways, PAR can be used for a broad range of applications and can also be used as a quick fix to repair damage in concrete, ramps, pathways and trip hazards. Whether it’s a parking lot or a residential driveway, PAR can be used for various applications.

Permanent asphalt repair solution PAR.

The benefits of PAR

PAR is designed to provide a long-lasting and reliable solution to repair potholes in asphalt. Here’s why it stands out from other repair methods:

Instant and permanent fix

PAR provides an immediate solution to potholes and other asphalt damage, saving time and money. Its unique formulation ensures a long-lasting repair that outlasts the surrounding pavement.

No mixing required

PAR comes in convenient packaging and requires no mixing. This makes it easy to use, even for those not experienced in asphalt repair.

Versatile usage

Apart from repairing asphalt, PAR can also fix damage to concrete ramps and trip hazards. For concrete hole repairs, MG-KRETE is recommended for the best results.

All-weather application

PAR can withstand extreme weather conditions without compromising its performance, whether scorching hot or freezing cold. It remains stable, preventing cracks and water damage from deteriorating the repair. Its ability to perform in any season makes it a reliable and efficient repair solution.

Supports traffic immediately after installation

Unlike traditional repair methods that require a lengthy curing process, PAR allows traffic to resume almost immediately. This means minimal disruption and inconvenience to your daily life.

How to apply PAR in 3 simple steps

Applying PAR is a straightforward process that anyone can follow. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Clean the surface: Before applying PAR, ensure that the pothole and surrounding area are clean and debris-free. This will help create a strong bond between the repair material and the existing asphalt.
  2. Apply PAR: Fill the hole with PAR in layers of 3 inches at a time. Tamp each layer until firm, with the final layer being 25% higher than the finished level.
  3. Compact and Level: Compact the PAR-filled hole using a tamper roller or driving over it until you achieve the desired level. Once compacted, the repaired area is ready for traffic immediately.

Make sure to follow the complete instructions provided by COHE for optimal results. You can find them here.

The PAR coverage per bag may vary depending on the size and depth of the pothole. We recommend checking the product packaging or contacting our friendly team for details.

Spade pressing down on permanent asphalt repair

Where can I purchase PAR?

We are proud to be now stocked in Mitre 10. Visit your nearest Mitre 10 or see stockists here.

Alternatively, you can purchase PAR straight from us here.

Make your job easier with PAR

If you’re looking to repair dangerous pavement potholes quickly and permanently, then Cohe’s permanent asphalt repair offers you instant and long-lasting results. Using PAR, you can eliminate the hassle of recurring potholes and enjoy a smooth, durable surface on highways, driveways, parking lots, and more.

With its easy application process and ability to perform in any weather condition, you only need a little manpower because PAR can help you do your job much easier!

Invest in PAR today and experience the benefits of the best permanent asphalt repair solutions.

Contact our experienced team today to learn more about PAR and how it can transform your asphalt repairs! Job tidy!