Moss and Mould removal before and after

Has moss and mould taken over your home’s exterior? With the warmer months on the way and summer entertaining just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start on moss and mould removal with the best product around – Cohe Moss & Mould Kill.

Moss and mould and other growths are not only harmful to your health, but they cause expensive damage to your home if left untreated.

We’ve made it affordable and easy for you to remove moss and mould (and more) yourself!

Cohe Moss & Mould Kill has been tried and tested for New Zealand conditions and works an absolute treat on a range of surfaces and materials. It is a high-quality professional formula, yet so easy to use.

Don’t make moss and mould removal a one-day job – make it a today job!

Cohe Moss & Mould Kill

Cohe Group are providers of innovative, affordable, and environmentally conscious products.

Our removal product, Cohe Moss & Mould Kill is chlorine-free and provides long-lasting control of moss, mould, lichen, and algae.

It’s an affordable solution and super simple to use for the removal of these unpleasant growths.

You can use Cohe Moss & Mould removal products almost anywhere, including concrete, pavers, pool surrounds, fibrolite, timber, outdoor furniture, astro-grass, fibreglass, canvas, iron, and colour steel, weatherboards and so much more. And, if you are unsure about the material you need to treat get in touch with us to find out if Cohe Moss & Mould Kill is suitable for you.

Why are growths like mould, moss, lichen, and algae a problem?

Moss, mould, and other growths can cause pretty extensive and costly damage to the exterior of your home if left untreated. These growths are commonly associated with damp conditions or a lack of sunlight.

How does moss and mould growths affect your home?

Moss can cause expensive damage because it absorbs moisture. The moisture that moss absorbs sits under it causing damp patches. Eventually, it can lead to rot but also to mould and fungi growth – which is not good. Moss on decking and pathways can be slippery so removing it will help to prevent a risk hazard.

Mould releases spores that can cause breathing problems, but the problem with mould on your home’s exterior is that it can lead to problems associated with dampness – rot, leaks, and even stains. Mould eats away at surfaces which can cause your home lots of problems.

Mould, moss, and other growths will shorten the life span of your roof, damage your paint and other surfaces, so it is definitely a problem you want to get sorted as soon as it appears.

No time like the present!

Get your home looking great for summer BBQs and entertainment.

How to remove moss and mould DIY style

Cohe Moss & Mould Kill is super simple to use. It’s long-lasting and extra effective at removing growths from a wide range of surfaces.

We know that DIY has a strong following in New Zealand, and we all to some extent, think of ourselves as ‘DIYers’. And this product is the best no-fuss easy way to remove moss and mould and more at home.

Instructions for use

  • Ensure your surfaces are clean and free of loose debris. Use a broom or leaf blower to help clear any loose matter away.
  • Make sure the spray will not contaminate water sources (if you have water out for pets move it away to prevent overspray. Or, if you have a water tank connected to the roof or gutters, make sure you disconnect them for at least 14 days after spraying).
  • Use a low-pressure sprayer, and dilute Cohe Moss & Mould Kill with water at a 1:20 ratio (You can alter this ratio depending on how much growth there is on your surfaces).
  • Then, all you need to do is spray Cohe Moss & Mould killer onto the surface, and then walk away.
  • Done – it’s really that simple.

Our mould and moss killing solution works so well because it takes time to actively target the new growth of spores. Over just a few months you will see the product working and taking effect with complete results around the three-month mark.

Tips for moss and mould removal

  • For best results allow a dry contact time of at least 3 hours. Most surfaces do not require rinsing although some aged painted surfaces may require a rinse to avoid streaking
  • Best applied first thing in the morning or last thing at night onto a cool surface to minimise evaporation
  • For optimum results apply in sunny and dry conditions with no rain expected for at least 12 hours

Why Cohe Group products?

At Cohe Group we want to provide easy innovative solutions to a range of problems that DIYers face. We have a large range of simple to use and affordable products that kiwis can trust.

We have an online shop that you can purchase our products from or find a stockist near you.