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Every project you do needs the correct tools, equipment, and accessories. Did you know we have a range of DIY accessories and tools to help make your Liquid Rubber project a success?

We have a range of accessories that work in tandem with our Liquid Rubber high-performance products. So whether your project is waterproofing decks, concrete, pathways, tanks, RVs or motorhomes, or anything else – we have the right DIY accessories to help with your job.

Preparation for your project – why DIY accessories and tools are important

If you want the best results for your project then careful planning and preparation work is paramount. Achieving a high-quality finish requires the right equipment and accessories.

Not only will it help you achieve that professional finish but it will also last longer.

The Cohe range of tools, equipment, and DIY accessories

Cohe Group specialises in a range of great DIY products that are easy to use and cost-effective. All of our products in the range are innovative, high quality, and proven to last. We supply innovative construction products that allow for a quick, efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective repair for both DIY and commercial applications.

You can check out our range of products here, and even get inspiration on different projects here too.

Cohe's waterproofing solutions

CoheLiquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant Range

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant and the rest of the range have been tried and tested. 

The Liquid Rubber range was created to protect various surfaces around your home that will save you time and money. Our range of waterproof sealants is non-toxic, safe for the person applying it and the environment. They are solvent-free and contain no VOC – which makes them perfect to use around your home on a range of projects.

Liquid Rubber Application Kit

This application kit is a must-have for any Liquid Rubber project. It’s our all-in-one application kit and comes with all the tools you need to achieve a professional finish.

This handy pack comes with high-quality tools included: 2x rollers, 1x handle, 2x paintbrushes, and a tray – all you need to get your waterproofing job done and at a great price.

You can add these packs to your shopping list along with Liquid Rubber on our online shop.

Liquid Rubber Seam Tape

Our Liquid Rubber Seam Tape is the perfect accessory for waterproofing projects.

It is used to seal gaps, seams, tears, and joins to achieve the ultimate smooth waterproof surface. After you have applied the tape you then coat it with Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant or one of Liquid Rubber’s coating products. This will ensure a durable waterproof, protective seal and prevent UV damage. Check out our application video here.

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Liquid Rubber GEO Fabric

Our speciality product Liquid Rubber GEO Fabric is an alternative to the Liquid Rubber Seam Tape. It’s better when used for more porous surfaces such as tile, aluminium, and concrete, etc. Liquid Rubber GEO Fabric requires more time to apply but is a more cost-effective solution than Seam Tape. Find this product here.

Both our Liquid Rubber GEO Fabric and Liquid Rubber Seam Tape have excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces including -concrete, wood, aluminium, galvanized steel, brick, shingles, iron, fibreglass, tiles and so much more. 

Cohe Group Rollergrip

The Cohe Group Rollergrip tool is recommended for use with any projects that require roller brushes or applications. If you’ve used roller brushes before you know how removing them can be hard and messy!

For convenience, this handy tool makes removing the roller brush from the handle a breeze. Ideal to keep your project mess-free. Find out more about this innovative tool here.

Why choose Cohe DIY accessories and tools?

We provide a range of DIY and commercial environmentally friendly high-quality products for a range of projects. Easy to use and non-toxic makes our products perfect for use in the home or professional use. Now well-established in the market and stocked at most Mitre 10 stores nationwide, Liquid Rubber is a winner, helping Kiwis all over New Zealand in their backyard.

If you have any questions about our range of products or DIY accessories or tools then get in touch with us today.