rubber liquid on a roof

Liquid Rubber may sound like an oxymoron, but this incredible product is changing the face of construction projects the world over.

Even though it has been around for a while, it’s only recent scientific advances which have allowed Liquid Rubber to be used in a large variety of situations.

Now it’s not just large-scale construction companies that are using it, but small businesses and even homeowners for DIY jobs.

This post will tell you everything you need to know about this remarkable product.

What is Liquid Rubber?

Okay, so let’s start at the beginning.

Liquid Rubber is a multi-purpose, liquid coating that solidifies into a tough, waterproof membrane.

The concept of Liquid Rubber has been around for about 200 years, when natural bitumen was combined with jute, straw, rag felt and other man-made materials to provide a waterproofing solution for roofs.

Around a century ago the manufacture of liquid roof coatings became a commercial activity, but it wasn’t until the sixties that acrylics, emulsions, and unsaturated polyesters were used, leading to higher quality and improved reliability.

Polyurethane coatings were developed in the Eighties, and it’s this chemical make-up with is still the basis of today’s Liquid Rubber solutions.

What can Liquid Rubber be used for?

Liquid Rubber can be used for waterproofing, as an air barrier, and protection against corrosion.

The coating adheres to most surfaces – virtually anything that is not oil-based – including concrete, stone, metal, bitumen, wood, PVC, metals, and zinc, in any size or shape!

Once applied to a layer, the compound cures to form a rubber-like highly flexible, seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane. Elastomeric means it can stretch and return to its original shape without damage.

This seamlessness means there are no joins, which is where traditional waterproofing methods can fail. It also allows this method to be used in more unorthodox places, like underneath bridges or on the side of buildings.

Liquid Rubber for foundations

How long does Liquid Rubber last?

Every situation is different, but as a general rule, we recommend reapplying after ten years.

As degradation will vary depending on wear and tear of the surface, exposure to UV rays, and other corrosive substances, visual inspection is always the best tool. When the product visibly starts to look as though it is eroding, then it’s time for another coat.

Is Liquid Rubber safe to use?

Yes, Liquid Rubber is safe to use.

No protective clothing is required from a safety perspective, however, as the substance is difficult to remove from clothing, we recommend wearing old clothing or overalls and gloves. This is purely for convenience and aesthetic reasons.

If you get any on your skin, it’s not dangerous or toxic, and can be removed with baby oil.

The fumes from spraying are not dangerous, but we recommend wearing a mask if you are in an unventilated room.

Applying Liquid Rubber

Prepping a surface for application is easy.  Simply clean the surface you wish to coat, ensuring it’s free from dust, dirt, or oils.

By making sure the surface is clean and dry before applying, you are stopping a barrier-forming between the compound and the surface, allowing it to adhere properly.

It can be applied just like normal paint by using a brush, roller, or spray gun. It can even be applied straight over the top of an old coat of itself. The only thing it can’t be applied to is silicon, certain smooth or shiny surfaces (e.g. plastic piping), and varnishes or oil-based paints.

As for drying times, as a general rule, a coat will take about a full day (24 hours) to dry at 20 degrees Celsius.

Spraying rubber liquid onto a roof

A simple, one-stop solution for your waterproofing needs

Liquid Rubber coatings were developed to keep moisture and water out, saving you time and money from the damage damp can cause.

Our innovative and highly flexible products will put your mind at ease knowing your home, materials, and structures are protected.

Fix your leaks, cracks, and joints with our Liquid Rubber waterproofing products.

From rooftops to fences, and ponds, this amazing product is easy to use, incredibly effective, and surprisingly affordable!

Contact us today if you would like to know more about this flexible, multi-use product, how to use it, or how we can help.