environmentally friendly home DIY products

With the rollout of 2021 and our current global environment – more and more people are ticking projects and DIYS off their list of home improvements. The focus on environmentally friendly DIY products has been big and continues to grow – for many good reasons.

The Cohe Group supplies a huge range of high-quality and environmentally friendly construction DIY products for everyone from beginners to professionals, and commercial applications.

What makes our range of environmentally friendly DIP products different?

Cohe’s products are not just innovative and easy to use but each product has multiple uses.

Some of the projects our products can be used for include concrete or pothole repair to waterproofing surfaces. The products we offer are carefully selected, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly while still being high quality and cost-effective.

Our philosophy is:

“Our suppliers use state of the art technology to develop the best, most cost-effective products for our customers, and we offer full technical support from planning of a job, no matter how big or small, through to project completion.”

Our DIY products are versatile and suitable for a huge range of applications. You only need to buy one or two products that can be used for so many different projects.

Why is it important to choose products that are environmentally friendly?

The construction industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters. Making small decisions even as simple as the DIY products we choose to use in our homes will make a difference. 

Environmentally friendly products are reusable, less toxic, less resource-intensive, and durable.

They don’t have to be costly either!

We can all do our part in creating a better environment not just for us but for future generations too.

Have you seen our range?

We have an extensive range of environmentally friendly DIY products either your local supplier,  Mitre 10 Megastore, or online.

We have great guides on our website for a range of projects such as;

Check out some of our great testimonials here.

We are committed to bringing New Zealanders the best in high quality and environmentally friendly DIY products. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you with products for your next project.