Concrete deck in rain needs waterproofing

Are you a homeowner or property manager looking to protect and enhance your outdoor concrete deck? Well, you’re in luck; in this blog, we will be diving into the world of concrete deck waterproofing to discover how we can help you achieve long-lasting protection and long-lasting durability for your deck.

Find out how Cohe products can help you achieve this below!

What is the benefit of waterproofing your concrete deck?

There are several benefits to taking the time to invest in concrete deck waterproofing. Given the cost of creating your ideal outdoor space, it pays to ensure you are looking after your deck. But what exactly are these added benefits and bonuses?


Concrete decks are exposed to the elements year-round; constant moisture exposure can lead to cracks and deterioration. By waterproofing your deck, you create a protective barrier that will help to prevent these issues, ensuring the long-term durability of your deck.

Enhanced appearance

Who doesn’t want a deck that looks stunning all year round and long into the future? Waterproofing not only protects your deck but also enhances its overall appearance. It can give your deck a fresh, clean look, making it more inviting and enjoyable for family gatherings or outdoor parties.

Increased lifespan

Let’s face it: As we mentioned earlier, decks aren’t cheap to build or replace. Waterproofing your concrete deck can significantly extend its lifespan, saving you time and money in the long run. With proper maintenance and regular inspections, a well-protected deck can last many years.

What are our products for concrete deck waterproofing?

Regarding concrete deck waterproofing, Cohe has covered you with our high-quality products that do the trick every time!

One of our stand-out offerings is the Liquid Rubber Deck Coating. This innovative product forms a seamless, waterproof membrane that prevents water from seeping into your deck and causing damage. Whether dealing with a residential or commercial deck, this deck coating is a game-changer.

So, how do you achieve long-lasting protection with this Cohe product? Let’s break it down into a few simple steps:

Preparation is key

Before applying any product, cleaning and preparing your concrete deck properly is crucial. Remove any dirt, debris or loose material and ensure the surface is dry and moisture-free. This creates a clean canvas for the waterproofing process.

Apply the Liquid Rubber Deck Coating

Now, it’s time to unleash the magic of our Liquid Rubber Deck Coating. This easy-to-use product can be applied with a roller or brush, ensuring even coverage. Start from one end and work your way towards the other, following the manufacturer’s instructions for application and drying times, which will be easy to find on the product.

Seal the deal

Once the coating is dry, sealing the edges and joints is essential to protect against water penetration.

Cohe offers a range of sealants specifically designed for this purpose, including Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant, which is perfect for the job. By sealing the edges and joints, you create a watertight barrier that keeps your deck safe from moisture long into the future.

Concrete deck waterproofing job done by Cohe.

What other concrete waterproofing products do we have?

In addition to the Liquid Rubber Deck Coating, Cohe also provides waterproofing solutions for all concrete projects. Whether you have a residential deck, a commercial property, or even a swimming pool, Cohe’s range of waterproof concrete products has covered you. These products come with the assurance of quality and durability, backed by our reputation as a trusted brand in the industry. Check out some other projects we can help you with here.

We’re here to help with all your concrete waterproofing needs!

So, if you’re ready to take on a DIY project that will protect and enhance your outdoor concrete deck, look no further than our concrete deck waterproofing products. With the Spring season kicking into gear and hopefully some finer weather on the way, now is the perfect time to get started before the summer heat kicks in. Remember, with our products and some elbow grease, you can achieve long-lasting protection for your beloved deck.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Explore our range of waterproof concrete products today. Your deck deserves the best and with Cohe, you can ensure you’re giving it the protection it needs.

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