Cohe commercial applications

While all our products can be used for DIY projects around the home, they are also perfect for large commercial applications. Below is a list of our top commercial products, how they work and what they can be used for.

Liquid Rubber

This is quite literally what it sounds like – a liquid rubber that can be applied like normal paint to most common surfaces, resulting in a protective, hardened waterproof membrane.

This one-of-a-kind product is unaffected by acids, alkalis and waterborne salts. It protects against damage from Ultraviolet light, salt, thermal cycling, harmful chemicals and is resistant to biological deterioration.

In commercial settings, liquid rubber is used to waterproof everything from concrete to underground pipes. It works on metal, plywood, stone and anything else you might think of. It stops water infiltration through substrates and prevents rusting.

PAR – Permanent Asphalt Repair

PAR is an instant and permanent fix for potholes, designed and engineered to work in all weather conditions. It lasts longer than existing pavement and supports traffic immediately following installation.

In commercial applications, it can be used quickly and doesn’t have to be mixed before applying. Simply clean out the pothole with a stiff brush, pour in the PAR in layers of 3 inches at a time, tamping down each time, and then compact with a roller or even a car until it’s level with the road.

Cohe asphalt repair


MG-Krete is applicable to virtually all concrete repairs. Lasting much longer than traditional cement-based patch material, MG-Krete withstands wear and heavy traffic due to its tenacious bond. It doesn’t shrink, requires no long-term maintenance, and creates a surface that is practically impervious to moisture, salt, gas and oils.

Used primarily in commercial settings, it’s ideal for use on roads and highways, industrial floors, bridges, and even airport runways. It’s non-flammable, non-toxic, and sets rapidly under all weather conditions.

MG-Krete is used widely in commercial applications because it doesn’t require primers, critical mix or extensive road preparation, delivering high-quality polymer performance at a fraction of the cost of ripping and replacing.

Crack Filler

Crack Filler is a simple-to-use emulsion crack sealer, modified to fill in and seal cracks in asphalt surfaces. It allows you to stop cracks turning into potholes, limiting the damage and cost before it gets out of hand.

From highways to home driveways, it’s perfect for all asphalt surfaces and can be driven over within half an hour. Application requires no special equipment or training, with the DIY containers coming with a spout for ease of use. The cap can even be resealed and put away for next time.


Ideal for substrates that require toughness, UV stability and a high degree of protection from water ingress, Quick2Seal is a two-part waterproofing membrane designed for home and commercial applications.

Perfect for decks, roofs, pipe lining, walls and gutters, it is especially suitable for wooden structures that require the highest level of weather protection and appearance. It’s permanently flexible, chemical resistant, and environmentally friendly.

Easy to apply, Quick2Seal is available in most colours, making it perfect for tradespeople working on different homes.


HydroShield is a water-based epoxy coating, used for the sealing and priming of concrete, plaster, brickwork and blockwork.

Non-flammable and solvent-free, when properly applied, Hydroshield will stop rising damp, withstand hydrostatic pressure, and prevent efflorescence.

Restbuster from Cohe

Rust Buster

Rust Buster is based upon a unique combination of polyphenols to create a film that primes and seals the surface of a structure. This film forms a permanent barrier against iron oxide, AKA rust, allowing the application of an additional layer on the surface.

Rustbuster is easily applied, non-toxic and odourless with a fast dry time. It’s perfect as a etch primer on rusty surfaces, allowing them to be painted or waterproofed.

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As you can see above, if you have a large commercial or industrial project, we have the tools for the job.

The products above are state-of-the-art, and our commercial range can be customised to each individual client.

Cohe’s reputation for high-quality, reliable products is second to none, and we offer full technical support, from initial job planning to project completion.

No matter what size your commercial endeavour is, we’d love to help. Contact us today for a friendly chat with one of our experts who can talk you through any questions you may have.